Gerald Kelly's Father and Sons Comedy Tour 2018

Fri, Oct 19, 2018
Sat, Oct 20, 2018

Gerald Kelly's Father and Sons Comedy Tour 2018

This amazingly unique tour features Gerald (the father), and his sons (Isiah, Joshua and Hunter).

Gerald is a veteran comic and New York King of Comedy that has been all over the country and still rising to the top. Not only has he had a successful career in comedy, but he's raised his sons, Isiah (25), Joshua (11) and now Lil' Hunter (4) to become comedians as well.

Isiah's comedic career began at 9 years old. He made his first appearance on "Showtime at the Apollo" at 10 and led [what is known as the toughest crowd] to its feet in a standing ovation. He went on to appear on "Who's Got Jokes" with Bill Bellamy. Isiah also traveled with the "Teens of Comedy" tour and also the "Shaq Comedy All-Stars" Tour. Now 25, he continues to perform around the country and sometimes opens up for Kat Williams and Russell Peters. Kelly has also been a featured comedian on "Chocolate Sundaes" TV Special hosted by Tommy Davidson and now he's on tour with his Father and brothers with on the "Father and Son Comedy Tour" which has been picking up steam.

Joshua Kelly has been truly ripping stages across the country and is gaining visibility and major recognition as the youngest, funny comic to perform. His banter about how "some things don't make no sense" draws his audiences into his unique perspective on world issues and normal day things, that a 11-year-old goes through, as only this young gifted pre-teen can. His charisma and personality can be seen on stage and in the new TV sitcom, "Raising Comedians".

Hunter Kelly is an internet sensation with his social media videos, "Basaline" and "Cocobulla". [Basaline was featured on MTVs Ridiculousness Season 10, Episode 2.] This cute kid with the dimples has a personality like none other his age, but he's well beyond his years with his thoughts on everyday life. Hunter is witty, yet cute as a button. He has gained celebrity status online and is requested on stages at comedy shows along with his father.

The Kellys are on fire! They are setting the standard for family comedy and have become trend-setters in the industry. Besides the Wayans, has there been a successful father and son comedy legacy.